Major Business Interests:

· Organic Fertilizer

- Tricho-compost

- Quick compost

- Vermi compost 


· Pot Mix for Home Gardener

· Laboratory Testing

- Soil Nutrient (N,P,K,S, OM & pH) and Fertilizer Recommendation

- Compost quality parameters (Total Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Organic Carbon, C:N, etc.)

- Quality of Fertilizer (Urea, TSP, DAP, MOP, Gypsum, Zinc Sulfate, Boron etc.)

- Pond water qualty and pond bottom soil quality for aquaculture.

- Drinking water and wastewater parameters

· Entrepreneur development support on Laboratory Services at anywhere in Bangladesh

    1. Testing Apparatus for Lab 
    2. Glassware and Accessories for Lab 
    3. Soil Testing Reagents & Soil Testing Manual   
    4. Fertilizer Testing Reagents & Testing Manual 
    5. Fertilizer Recommendation Manual / Software 
    6. In house Training 
    7. Business Development Service 
    8. Quality Assurance Service

· Urban waste management

· Renewable energy (WtE)

· Wastewater treatment and reuse

· Alternative technologies for drinking water